Business Structuring
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Business Structuring

What is it?

A key decision any new business needs to make is what legal structure to use. As important, is the need to review your structure on an ongoing basis to determine whether it’s still appropriate.

Many different structures such as companies, trusts, partnerships or sole traders can be used as an effective structure. The best one will depend on your particular circumstances.

Using the best structure will be invaluable in providing you with the best asset protection and most favourable tax outcomes.

Business Structuring

What we do?

A specialist accountant will get to know you, your business and what your plans for the future are. This will assist us in establishing a legal business structure to accommodate your wants and needs.

There are many different business structures (or combination of structures) that we can implement to give you the outcome you need.

The business structure you choose can determine:

How much tax you pay, Your personal liability, Ongoing costs and complexity or the control you maintain.
Once you are operating in the chosen structure we will assess its validity on an ongoing basis. This will ensure we adapt your structure as your business changes. This will ensure your assets are protected while providing the best tax outcomes.

Business Structuring

Why use us?

Choosing the correct structure will prove invaluable in helping you navigate the treacherous business landscape.

Our accountants will help you through this process and ensure you operate a legal business structure that gives you the outcomes you need.


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