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Since our beginning, we at Hejaz have supported our many medical professional clients with proactive business and taxation advice. With our experience and wealth of knowledge, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, independent and individually tailored advice. We understand how much time and effort our medical specialist clients put into their professions, and we are committed to providing the best possible advice and services to meet their financial requirements.

Tax Structures

Consult with Hejaz to ensure you have the best tax structures for you – We will keep you informed of taxation changes, meet with you before the end of each tax year to review and implement appropriate strategies to minimise tax liabilities and continually review your business structures to achieve the best outcomes, ensuring effective asset protection at the same time.

Superannuation Options

Advise you on the best superannuation options for your needs – Our specialist advisors can assist with setting up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund or create a personalised portfolio as well as helping with your retirement planning and investment strategies

Asset Protection From Litigation

Help you protect your assets in case of litigation – We understand legal action is a concern for all medical professionals, and while securing your assets can mean a decrease in tax efficiency, you can rely on our balances apporach to ensure minimal costs and your peace of mind.

Private Practice Establishment

Assist you in setting up private practice – With many financial factors to consider including business structure, whether to join an establishment clinic or set up alone, means of payment, level of overdraft and managing bookkeeping obligations, we can assist you in all elements of your financial planning. As well as providing medical professionals with a complete financial management service, our commitment to trust and transparency ensures that you receive personalised advice with integrity, and that you understand every step of your financial journey

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