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Managing Wealth

Need to Know

Managing wealth is the best reason to choose a qualified and expert financial planner. Hejaz Financial Services will guide you through the maze of the options available to you and help simplify your investment decisions. From managing your debt and budgeting to the creation of an investment portfolio, we have up to date technical and regulatory knowledge and immediate direct access to timely relevant research and live financial market information.

As with all our advisory services, a comprehensive wealth creation strategy begins with a confidential discussion to review your circumstances and outline some of the options available you.

Once we have agreed to work together, the first step is to help you develop goals and objectives to determine your vision for your financial future. You can then expect us to provide you with a personalised and ongoing advice service that is targeted to your wealth creation goals.

Managing Wealth

How Does it Work

Through getting to know you, your situation and your financial aims, we will develop a personal investment plan tailored to your needs.

Step 1

We meet to establish an accurate picture of your financial situation and where you are now. Most clients use this opportunity to get advice about other financial areas as well, not just investments.

Step 2

Next, we consolidate this information into an investment and strategy report, creating a clear and concise summary of your situation.

Step 3

We plan and strategise with you to formulate a solution based on the investment options best suited to your circumstances.

Managing Wealth

What are the Benefits to Me?

Expert Advice

Tailored Solutions

Lasting Relationships

Investment Flexibility