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Retirement Planning

Need to Know

Planning for a successful retirement encompasses a broad range of issues. For the majority of our clients key themes will be financial security, sufficient income for your desired lifestyle expenses. Additionally, access to capital for holidays, updating the car or helping out the grandkids, and peace of mind may be important to you.

You need to start planning well before you make the decision to leave work. It’s important that you don’t leave your planning to the last minute because, without time on your side, your retirement options become much narrower.

How much do you

Need to Retire

So when it comes to retirement, how much is enough? Your answer to this question will be different to everyone else’s and is dependent on the sort of retirement lifestyle you aspire to.

The amount of money you have saved and how you arrange your finances will have a profound impact on the financial aspect of what your retirement looks like. Whilst any age pension entitlement may fund part of your living costs, your superannuation and non-superannuation investments will either need to supplement the difference or fully fund your retirement.

Optimise your

Wealth for Retirement

We have helped our clients carefully consider their financial strategy for retirement. Planning now and choosing the most appropriate superannuation structure may be crucial to achieving your desired lifestyle in retirement. When you reach preservation age (the age at which you can access your superannuation if you are retired or have started a transition-to-retirement income stream), then you can access your superannuation as an income stream and potentially reduce your overall tax position. A transition-to-retirement income stream may allow you to reduce working hours as you approach retirement, fund salary sacrifice contributions and reduce personal debt.

Retirement Planning

How Does it Work

Through getting to know you, your situation and your financial aims, we will develop a retirement plan tailored to your needs.

Step 1

We meet to establish an accurate picture of your financial situation and where you are now. Most clients use this opportunity to get advice about other financial areas as well, not just retirement planning.

Step 2

We identify your financial objectives, setting clear goals of where you want to be and formulating a plan.

Step 3

We implement strategies, actions and investments to ensure you meet these goals. Our specialist team are well experienced in investing and will work with you to incorporate a range of investment strategies into your personal retirement plan.

Financial Planning

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