We firmly believe that every individual is unique, with unique financial needs and objectives. We therefore create unique investment portfolios for each and every one of our clients. We consider the client’s age, income, investment time frame, personal circumstances, and financial objectives when creating these portfolios.


Our investment team ensures that the investment risks are minimised and investment returns are maximised by actively managing each client’s portfolios. Each portfolio will consist of a variety of investments so that diversification is achieved. Hejaz Financial Services considers the security of the client’s funds to be of paramount importance. We therefore only invest in highly reputable companies, regulated managed funds, and listed securities.

We invest in

We dont invest in

We avoid companies that exceed:

Gearing/Debt: 30% of assets

Cash & Short Term Investments: 30% of assets

Receivables: 70% of assets

Tainted Income: Up to 5% of income

These ratios are determined and set by AAOIFI, the global standard for Islamic investment principles.